Graham Harler apartments

This a group of resort style apartments in Como/South Perth designed in the early 80s by Graham Harler. Harler was instrumental in bringing Buckminster Fuller over to Perth for the ’66 conference, and built several geodesic domes including the ones still remaining at Curtin University and Beverley. He was also  involved in significant volume housing, of which these are a great example. Pastel bagged brickwork, barrel vaults, projecting stairwells, stepped glass brick window details – Great stuff!

                                 P1030838P1030840                                 P1030839 P1030841

P1030842 P1030843 P1030844



Blane Brackenridge

Hello all, just got back from my Christmas break in Perth so thought I would put up some of the projects I saw. This first lot is a group post of Blane Brackenridge’s work. There are a lot of big houses going up in Perth  and I don’t think anyone does them better right now. Quite often big single residences  seem bloated and flabby but these houses handle the scale well and the proportions work. Which is quite a feat because these houses are enormous. The 6 projects below have gone up over the last 3 years or so, and I left out another 3 or 4 that I know of. The bulk of his work seems to be between Dalkeith and Fremantle (surprising!) and it is so refreshing and frankly exciting to see one of these going up, they really are quite special. They are an unusually cohesive body of works, very easy to spot and attribute (at least I hope I got all of these right!). The use of bright white render, dark glazing, thick, angular profiles with Seidleresque curves, the regular inclusion of  spiral staircases, the circular pizza oven elements. They are exquisitely detailed and composed, with each project bringing something new to the table. Give the one in Coogee a google, well worth it, and if you see any more, let me know!

P1030819 P1030820 CottesloeP1030821 P1030822CottesloeP1030823 P1030825FremantleP1030827 P1030828DalkeithP1030829DalkeithP1030830 P1030831Dalkeith


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The Weather Ring 5


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Jiwkoff House, Iwan Iwanoff

This is the Jiwkoff House, designed by Iwan Iwanoff in 1971. Not exactly a fantastic stand alone project, but interesting in the scheme of things. The roof is the main attraction here, with a really deep front fascia that projects out and creates a floating illusion, supported by thin posts set apart from the main volume. Over time it has gone extremely wonky so it looks rather odd!  The roof  hovers over a square plan, with a solid rock wall front and centre offset with a  nice entry/carport cut out. Very similiar to the house in Meenaar Crescent. Nice little job.

Salter Point House

This is a house by James Aris in Salter Point, 1978. Top notch bit of local modernism. The deep fascia wraps around the house and carport, really floats above the house. The carport thurst forward to the street, sliding past the bulk of the house, supported  by a single slender post is great. Leaning towards a more American/LA modernism. Excellent work, and good to see it is being looked after.

Owen and Vokes

This is a house in Mt Pleasant by Brisbane firm Owen + Vokes, finished in 2009. They came over last year to present at Affirmative Architecture, and are currently working on a second project here. This is a great little house, very typical of O+V work. Crisp forms, strong chimney, simple sunshades, polychromatic face brickwork with the plan slightly pulled apart framing a courtyard. Exceptionally neat little project, really opens up towards the back, but you can’t see in the photos.