Julius Elischer Foulkes-Taylor Showroomhey all. this is the first post, my apologies as my grammar, and wordsmith talents are somehwat lacking. i dont profess to be really smart, nor be a knowledge bank of architecture. I will just try to showcase architecture i like, that is important to our city, and most of all stuff that is often overlooked and dismissed as awful. so here i go.


2 responses to “FIRST POST!

  1. Congrats with the blog. You have some shining examples already. I’m loving Perthworst, an absolute riot but a bit hit-and-miss with the architecture calls. i hope you can help redress that. Personal faves are East Perth Train Station, Perth Council House and most of the OLD part of Curtin Uni. All the best.

  2. Hi there! Just love your blog! Do you know anything about the huge Tudor designed by Bonner on Bellevue Terrace! It’s just lovely!!

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