Sir Charles Gardner Hospital

p4280151.jpgp4280152.jpgp4280153.jpgthis is  the Charlies gardners, or QE2 hospital in Nedlands/Hollywood. Designed by GW Finn, An architect that worked with the PWD in the 40s and 50s, under AE Clare. This is similiar style wise to the Agnes Wlash ward in King edward memorial hospital in subaco, done by him in 47-52. Some features of note, include the colouring of the window sills, and strong vertical elements. Obvious Dudok influences as per a lot of Finns work. Interestingly this work also features some Brazilian modern elements, particularly on the roof scape, developed after his trip to brazil, and experiencing the progressive work of niemeyer etc. also his trademark use of mosaics on hte bottom level are a delight, and demonstrates a move forward and a rich texturing from King Edward.


4 responses to “Sir Charles Gardner Hospital

  1. Looks like a prison !

  2. Actually I take it back. Just happened to peddle by this building other day and it far and away out ranks the other really ugly and over-imposing brutalist architecture at sir charles gairdner. Does have simple and neatness quality.

    Though love the beautiful new UWA dentistry school round the corner from it. Pyramidal type of structure. Lovely. Plus the new cancer ward or research center at other end of sir charlies great and quite innovative use of angles!

  3. Hi! Just stumbled upon this blog while searching for “Modernist architecture Perth”: wowee, someone who is dedicated to these unique postwar forms of design utilised heavily until the early 1980s, although certain elements appear to be back in favour, being especially conducive to solar passive principles in application.

    R Block at SCGH is something of an overlooked gem compared to its groundbreaking and extroverted A Block companion, with its wavy concrete roof over the plant room, the angled tubes supporting the front entrance verandah, porthole windows, glass windowed stairwell and aqua-coloured panelling below the strongly horizontal aluminium windows…marvellous. I didn’t realise that it was completed in 1958 until about a decade ago, so modern it is, I thought it to be perhaps 1963-4. Another hospital building of architectural delight is the Harry Boan Building at PMH, designed around 1966 and completed in 1969, with its floating stairs with steel balustrades, travertine marble lift lobbies, shellwork masonry vertical fins between the windows and the chocolate brickwork on the lower two floors…stunning attention to detail utilised.

    I also frequent The Worst of Perth blog myself, always so sad-but-true in its documentation of the kitsch and outright lame. Currently, I’m in Melbourne on holiday and will be documenting architecture from that era over there and today is such a beautiful day for photography…

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