Check dem stankin polyprops! what chairs!

so this is(2nd) my continuing series that ill try profile some churches, as they are my favourite type of arch, at the moment. and as you cna tell, Elischer is my latest obsession, so most photos i have at the mo’ are oh his work, so thats why theres a heavy bias towards him. Anyway, this church is balla. obvious corbusian imagery, strongly anchored to the ground plane, delightful interior, with high clerestories providing that ecclesiastical lighting everyone loves! there used to be a gargoyle drainage thing, but that got removed, when they did the renovations.. and, 1964, on napier st.


One response to “St PHILIP’S CHURCH

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    You’ve just got to post the Christchurch Grammer Chapel (and possibly other works by Leighton)

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