Royal perth hospital

p8180454.jpgp8180451.jpgp8180450.jpgagain, kinda samey, but whatever. this was on the same day trip. over the raod from caliban. absolutely balla. CHECK THE RYTHM!! the window are so strictly controlled!  the horizontal lines! the brickwork! again, i dont know for sure who his was , but pwd fo’ sure, probs under AE Clare. absolutely gold. very um… dutch. love that polychrome brick work.


5 responses to “Royal perth hospital

  1. utterly soulless.

  2. Actually I take it back. Just happened to peddle by this building other day and it far and away out ranks the other really ugly and over-imposing brutalist architecture at sir charles gairdner. Does have simple and neatness quality.

    Though love the beautiful new UWA dentistry school round the corner from it. Pyramidal type of structure. Lovely. Plus the new cancer ward or research center at other end of sir charlies great and quite innovative use of angles!

  3. sorry the above comments were meant for similar type of building at sir charles gairdner not perth hosp.

  4. i work in the smaller building, shame about the (lack of) maintenance

    we should all picket to save RPH!

  5. I find it hard to enjoy this building, after nearly dying in it. I spent an agonising few weeks recuperating from surgery…… I still get the shivers when I pass it.

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