Engineering Lecture theatre







GW FINN, for the PWD 1960, Under AE CLARE. dreamboat. this building astonishes me. the geometric hourglass plan, and elevation, combines to create the most interesting and ever changing perspectival building. as you walk around it, it changes from a 3d dimensional object, and suddenly becomes a flat 2d face, sliding across the ground plane. uncomprehendably brilliant. almost made me want to give up architecture it is so blindingle amazing. the use of mosaics(influnce from his south america trip) as well as brazilian modern shaping. also hte use of white edging around the faces, particularly emphasises the geometric planes, and fluctuating dimensionality.It makes the building flatten to a white outline, with infill. so many levels. 3d object, with a 2d outline, 2d object in a plane, etc etc. words cant really describe.jaw drop.


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