St. Denis Catholic Church


this is the Joondanna Catholic Church by Ernest Rossen. very nice, hugley tall church, with some pretty obvious corb touches. check the entry canopy, the door artwork. whoa! ronchamp! whoa! its like really big. and its gott cool beans clerestories so you get that awesome high lighting in hte fron of the church. DIVINE! anyways, enjoy.


3 responses to “St. Denis Catholic Church

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    This church is so good, I almost want to find religion

  2. haha! yes, i am yet to actually take the plunge, but i am thinkin of startin to go to sunday mass just to get inside these churches and marvel! they are awesome hey!

  3. Problem with religion is that you have to hang out on sundays with batshit crazy people.

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