demar show room


this is the demar  show room, on hte corner of kimberley and cambridge streets in west leederville. it is by Julius elischer, done in 1974-80. ridiculously austere and bold in compostion. just a white rectangle with a corner removed for entry. bold sliding panel that stretches the whol way around the block. so striking, and so pure. it is an overwhelmingly austere and confronting elevation. the lack of ornament is commendable in the extreme. one of those places that can go unnoticed for a long time, then suddenly you realise how strong, and articulated it is. it even has the signature elischer window formation around the back, and a mexican/spanish pergola thing, posibly a hang up from el caballo blanco. awesome. ps, thanks to s.anderson and the team who wrote the J.E. book, whose description i borrowed from heavily. kudos.


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