some time, actually most of them time perth really annoys me, and how it seems hell besnt on getitng rid of 50s to 70s, modernist buildings, which in my opinion are the most important and beautiful buildings we have(had). why they insist on knowcking down ground breaking buildings as the freemasons hall, and other pioneering off form concrete expressionist works, important curtain wall experimental excercises, etc etc is beyond me, so, this is unfortunately all i got of Bible house(i beleive) just as it got knocked down. i cant find any pics of it unforch, but the coloumns look really nice, signature pwd, or just general modernism from the period. light blue mosaic work, and the white edging, strike me as indicators of finn, or clare. i just wish i coulda seen it. and dont get me started on what theyve done to hte mlc building next door. WHY!!!! oh well, enjoy the pics, its all that remains.

ps, hte last image is reproduced from governments National Archives, image number A1200, L28462.  it says i can use it if its personal, or non profit, i hope this is ok. if not, australian government come audit me. oh and the first pic i just found off some skyscraper site, ( sorry to keep writing i also found this article with a joyous pic, from the west. aus. enjoy


One response to “demolished!

  1. I watched this one get pulled down, really really dicey work they were doing. To be honest we all cheered cos this thing was a shitty eyesore. It was old, worn, smelly, the front was bricked up cos they could be bothered securing the place properly and every nook and cranny was filled with cigarette butts and sleeping material from winos.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

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