Baptist centre


This is the baptist centre in northbridge, on the corner of stirling and james streets, by Julius Elischer in 1972. i dont wanna say to much, but i really like it, its a great transition of his style and accomodating the switch to a smaller, restrained city block. i like how it translates some of his motifs, like the bladed, unfloding walls from hte yokine anglicna church, but fits them into a rectangle, and still retians the unfolding qualities of the planes. to me its a fusing of his earlier modernist stuff, and the more expressionist work later, in a perfect little rectangular package.  the slits erode away the box, yet it is still there. it works on a micro/macro level, and contains a dense layering of ideas and progression of form. there are still corbusian hang ups, but fused into a great, sophisticated package. the front cut away circle, incidentally is created by the turning circle of a car, but the driveway is now gone. gold.


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