this is the old dome restaurant at the end of birdwood parade in nedlands, done by forbes and fitzhardinge in mid to late 50s. i will load the og photos later when i get my hands on them, but it is astounding. now it has been altered almost beyond recognition. it used to be just a concrete vault/dome struture, with  3 anchor points, forming a kinda triangle in plan.with glazed sides, it was spectacular, astonishing to thionk osmething like that was built in perth, so long ago, and gone unnoticed. kinda like the ctsiphon concrete strutures boyd et al were doin, alos reminiscent of the dome at canberra national uni/bucky domes … its really nice. now its been painted beige, and had rectangular prism additions tacked on. awful! what a disgrace! you can still see flashes of brilliance though. close your eyes, and imagine.


4 responses to “DOME RESTAURANT

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    Hopefully someone will restore this one day. It’s almost like Perth was more adventurous architecturally 50 years ago than today

  2. almost like? it was a hundred times more adventurous then as today. today is so boring. hence the lack of posts fro the current era. i will post up the original photos of this place, it will blow your mind,

  3. Anonymous Perthon

    Today we do have some good architects trying to do good stuff, some notables are your favourite Simon Anderson, Donaldson & Warn, David Hartree and Iredale, Pederson & Hook. And there are hundreds of other clever and enthusiatic architects and designers around town, the local councils are just so damn difficult to work with.
    I blame the Government!!!!

  4. Anonymous Perthon

    Just saw your picture of the original dome before the butchering, it was exquisite and yes it brought tears to my eyes and no small amount of rage as well

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