this is the camelot theatre in mosman park, on Lochee st. its really beautiful, and another in perths series of delightful art deco theatres. it seems a tad confusing as to who designed it, 2 sources say R.Oldham, and also Kreitmayer & Rowe.. anyways. its really really nice, little theatre, in an isolated suburban setting. cool!


2 responses to “CAMELOT THEATRE

  1. Beautiful !!

  2. It is a great building!
    It was originally built in 1920 and designed by R.G. Oldham but it was not Art Deco styled. It was basically just a square brick building. Then it was altered to Art Deco styling in 1939 by Kreitmayer & Rowe. It was said to be done to lift the spirits of a community suffering the effects of the depression. Then after some deterioration and left derelict through the late 1980’s it was refurbished in all its art deco splendour in 1992 by Marcus Collins Architects who were nominated for a Heritage Renovation Award for their work. The official name for the building is Memorial Hall.

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