this is the first of my postings from my down south trip, this building we just stumbled across its on the pinjarra road, from mandurah, its so nice! and weird. it almost looks like a non architect job, sorta homemade 50s experimental enthusiast. it reminds me of the dome restaurant, posted before, and generally that modernist era of structural experimentation ala boyd grounds and macintyre. but its not finessed. also tat googie/sci fi us junk retro kinda aesthetic. its just cool looking, and nice to stumble across. delightful!


5 responses to “AWESOME!!!

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    That is incredible, is it a house?

  2. so incredible. absolutely no idea what it is. it was just piled with stuff. probably just used for storage now..

  3. go check out a place in ruan pl, rivervale (or maybe kewdale). you’ll finad a little place just like this one in our suburban perth. i think it also has a smaller version which contains the laundry in a separate structure in the back yard

  4. It looks like a binishell. I remember two binishells, one in McDonald reserve Padbury and one in Two Rocks. I think they were demolished due to structural concerns but they were so different and bold. The interor was capacious with no obvious obstructions. BTW love this site, I am just exploring it but I must agree with your taste in architecture. Particularly like Beatty Park and Perry Lakes but cant explain why.

  5. Its a house its called Kelly House and was built by Mr K Kelly who also byilt the kewdale one. He still lives there although driving past you wouldnt think so. I really want a look inside lol

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