just to get off the art deco extravaganza, this is cinema city, now in hte process of demolition. an absolute crying shame, another example of perth being short sighted. um, not only is it a pretty cool building(actually damn fine!) its a cinema, and a dang good one at that. so we are losing the last of the ‘big’ cinemas in the city, all we got left is the piccadilly, which is great, but so is choice.  this building is ridiculously brutal, i didnt like it for ages, but i think it actually quite suits the area, and block, deals with the corner very well,  and appropriatly monolithic/monumentla for the building type. appropriate. and quite original/inventive i think. its a bit different, and even if you hate it, it generates interest. i love the way the bronzed glass sits over the massive aggregate paneling, and then lifts away at the corners to expose it. it looks so good/so uncomprimising. loves it. i wish it would be saved. oh well. and THAT lettering! dreamboat. DREAM.BOAT! and the colouring of the overall scheme, so good.


3 responses to “CINEMA CITY

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    I still remember they televised the opening of cinema city, it was a big day in the city of Perth and began my own special love of the space frame

  2. My nerdy friends and I used to stand in the glassed in balcony over Hay and pretend we were on the Death Star. Sad to see it go.

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