this is the first post from the wa institute of the deaf in cottesloe on curtin avenue. this is the new addition, done by i believe, Hawkins and Sands, possibly with parkinson as project architect. this is a ridiculously nice building, and very important in the history of wa architecture.. ive lost my research, but if i recall right, it was the first building in was to use off form concrete untouched. hale school was earlier but they bleached/altered/treated the concrete. so that is pretty momentus. lovely staircase detailing, and proportioning is divine,  its imposing in style, but not in execution/scale. perfect. and those sliding doors are just sweet.


4 responses to “WAIDE

  1. this building is so nice. just like you. i am concrete.

  2. Anonymous Perthon

    Do you think there is something incongruous about the brutalism style (yes I like it too) and small children? The layer of “happy” drawings across the walls make it even more obvious.

  3. yea maybe…pretty strange juxtaposition. who cares about kids, its about the building!

  4. Trouble with the brutalist style as done by the experts is that it gets replicated by all those looking for a cheap nasty way of building structures without any real daringness or thought of their design.

    And should be limited to certain type of residences only. ie private homes for those that love the style or some public centers only if thoughtful design but definately not as hospitals, librarys or kiddy places.

    But yes as Jails, military units, nuclear bomb shelters and/or research facilities ok if done heroically and very avant-garde in style. [def. not lunatic asylums though]

    And esp., not cultural centers and definately not just for economic feasibility on the part of bad businesses or poor town council design officials/facilitators.

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