King edward memorial hospital


this is the absolutely blindingly brilliant, drop to your knees, soul crumblingly, spine tingling awesome art deco building i think i have seen. i really cant begin to describe why, it would take all day. but for starters its the wholoe package. everything is considered. there is the perfect german word for this but ive forgotten. the way the entry, the flower beds, railings, signage all correspond. sheer brilliance. and so precisely executed. particularly love the tiles at the front, and the way the monumental scale is dealt with. beautiful. the interior is also nice, but the fascist security guards werent having a bar of me. nice to see the lifts are still original(or appear to be) as with the staircase to the right. stellar.oh yeah, AE Clare 1939.


One response to “King edward memorial hospital

  1. Nicely put, I absolutely love this building (and isn’t it nice to have a great building house such a significant service with so much emotional value to so many peope).

    It was under threat from the former liberal govt. The hospital is moving to the Charlies site so I hope this building’s heritage listed.

    All together now, “Save Our Fanny Hospital”….

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