golden hieroglyphic sound


this is Attunga on thomas street in subiaco, opp kings park, by Marshall Clifton, in 1937. genius. although its a little worse for wear this is a legendary set of flats, who hasnt driven past this, and dreamt of living there!? great bold art deco front, geometric frieze along the top, strong vertical central decorative motif, waterfall front. noce stucco job as well. and brick detailing. around the back it has the most amazing wooden staircase/fire escape kind of tacked on, and it looks so rickety nd creepy and awesome! also a little shed out the back nicley detailed. beautiful set of flats from one of perths greatest architects. come and see what i have found!


One response to “golden hieroglyphic sound

  1. There’s nother set of flats 30’s style quite glamourous art deco residence fronted by shady trees far superior to these ones along stirling highway nedlands on corner of old rose park/playground.

    Just sublime to live in i’d imagine.

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