Agnes Walsh Nurses’ Home.


check the bore water! drool^


this is the Agnes Walsh Nurses’ Home in King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco, and one of my favourites, indeed use to be my favourite perth building up until about a year ago. its by GW Finn, and the PWD in 1952, and it won the RIBA bronze medal in 1955. highly sculptural, strong geometric forms, very dutch moderne, in the style of dudok etc. mass expanses of brick, glazing in repetive delineations, very tight fenestration control. also a nice breakway curvalinear element that defines the entry, and a lovely entry canopy. the interior is also quite nice in bits(not sure how much is original) but i love the elevator entrance in the photo. so high modern banking style, kinda like Arne Jacobsen dutch bank stuff. restrained! and clean!

this builidng is strikingly simple in execution, and stong in form. perfection.


One response to “Agnes Walsh Nurses’ Home.

  1. Ex patient of King Edward Memorial hospital

    Shame no pictures of the disgusting interior were taken. Then you’d see what awful environment mothers with sick babies have to live in.

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