Atrium Building


This is the Atrium Building on the corner of St Georges Tce and King street.It was designed in 1982 by Forbes and Fitzhardinge. Again, a really strong, sculptural brutalist structure, composed of face brick, board marked concrete and dark tinted glazing. The whole colour scheme is beautifully muted and sombre. As an overall construction ,this is no doubt a brutal building, but it also comes off as soft, welcoming and calming. Its a really nice space to be in, the soaring full height atrium in the centre is an exceptional space. The hanging plants off each level is a really nice touch. The curved stairwell landings that jut out into the central atrium space creates a wonderful vertical rythym. Outside the escape staircases, corbelled corners and the columns that run the whole way up all make a striking and memorable compostion.


2 responses to “Atrium Building

  1. I work across the road from this one, and its really quite a pleasant building to look at.

  2. Brilliant photos! Is the atrium open to the public?

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