Beacon Theatre



This is the Beacon Theatre in Beaconsfield, done in 1937, by excellent art deco architect Samuel Rosenthal. This is just a nice art deco cinema,  one of the highlights with this is the way it deals with the corner site, a true way for an art deco building to flex its muscles, and from what I could see, the interior is fantastic!


3 responses to “Beacon Theatre

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    Its abandoned state and faded paintwork somehow make it even more beautiful as a building, they should stage Phantom of the Opera here when it comes to Perth.

  2. This building needs to be remade into cinema. Such great ambience for one and such a shame that its been the way it has forso long. Art Deco beauty!

  3. Is Beaconsfield a suburb in its own right? Would be wonderful if it could be restored to its original glory & used as a cinema, live theatre, conference venue etc. Could reinvigorate that entire area, its so nice really, so close to the ocean, with that old world coastal feel that is so lacking in the Perth Metro Area. Think along the lines of the Regal in Subi or the new use for the Astor in Mt Lawley. Beacon would be the best, being so close to the sea, ‘specially on these hot summer nights. Please may a benevolent billionaire buy this & do the theatre & the precinct justice. While they’re at it, do the old Princess Theatre in Market Street Fremantle up too!

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