the above image and a lot of info below, is taken from ‘modern houses’ from uwa press.




This is the Desmond Sands house in Haining Avenue Cottesloe by Desmond Sands(w. Hawkins and Sands) in 1961. It was Desmonds own chance to experiment with light wieght and cost structure, and it aimed to improve the conditions and working life of the housewife.Also he was trying to include the most flexibility in a small house. It is a standard modenist fare, with regular structural posts spaced through out the house in  grid, and are separate from the walls, creating(obviously) a pure curtin wall system. The front, southern facade is entirley made up of glazing and fixed panels, bar a car port at the end. The rythym and colouring of the individual panels changes and creates quite an interesting mosaic of parts. THe house now has been altered severely and the inside and back is almost completely different. the house is up for sale/sold(?) and if its bought i really hope this isnt knowcked down, and i fear it probably will be. It would be a great loss. THe backyard is very nice and it comes complete with a very playboyesque grotto, rock formation sitting and barbecue area, quite unlike anything people do today, it was actually quite marvelous, nad a delightful space to be in. So handcrafted, and you can tell he cared about the back. unlike now… it has character, and its beautiful. a really strict, well controlled excercise in structural pattering, and different, more efficient methods of construction. cool


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