City beach toilets


this is another one of the toilet blocks along the coast road past city beach and upwards. I didnt know there was a series of them! im gonna say this is Forbes and Fitz again, as its really similiar to the last one i posted( city beach kiosk) and there were a few more along but i didnt stop, it was too hot.  These are just really really well executed highly expresionistic brutal sculptural achitecture, nad so well suited to the beach location. Kind of like a shell, a really brutal shell. I didnt realise last time it was formed out of corrugated iron sheeting, its so good to see! the dents and imperfections left behind give it an amazing texture and a surreal element to it. sort of textural confusion. it looks light, like corrugated iron, but yet is so strong and concrete.  also love the ship style funnel poking through the roof. cool!


2 responses to “City beach toilets

  1. as far as I can remember there is no corrugated sheeting in these buildings, its all concrete.

  2. devnull, it was just formwork……

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