this is SOOOOOOOOOOO nice. i have gloved this building for a long while now, it is an outstanding example of WA modernism, and in a lovely position. I hear on the grapevine its slated for demolition. if so, another ( in a stupidly long line) utter tragedy for this cities built culture. lovely breezeblock detail, and the 3 panel shopfront glazing with fixed panel is so good. lovely etry way, and relation to the street. anyways, its good.


One response to “CLAREMONT COP SHOP

  1. Saw one you might know or like on my lunch walkies today. The mercedes college building on the corner of goderich and hill st in perth across from the mint. Awesome futurist detailing, reminded me of watching that old movie metropolis, shame i didn’t have my camera on me. Also a shame that area is being eaten up by soulless serviced apartment buildings, but at least the grosvenor is still there

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