City Beach Iwanoff


This is the Roberts House by Iwan Iwanoff place, in City Beach, Yanagin Cres. 1967. Beautiful use of blockwork as usual. The house is situated  high on a hill, overlooking the ocean.


2 responses to “City Beach Iwanoff

  1. Yanagin Cr City Beach. Yes it is sensational, the interior was gutted and is now extremely modern and functional, they extended the building in a sympathetic manner. Had a nice inpromptu tour of the property as owner arrived home as I drove up. Very kind of them. I was nice to chat with another Iwanoff owner and interesting to view the renovations, which we are currently involved in.

    Also some in Tranmore (very original + original owner) One in Craig St Wembley Downs (Original Owner) Asten, Dorking, Oban, Dilkara, Guelfi (Balcatta), Malba Crsnt Dianella (I think or close to there). Few more in Mountlawley/Coolbinia/Menora.

  2. I know the owners of this house…hadn’t seen them for while and during that time, they’d shifted from around the corner to their present abode. When I asked whether or not this home was in fact an Iwan Iwanoff, he replied it most certainly is! When he gave me directions to get there, he mentioned that it was a “Modernist-style home perched upon the side of a hill”. My oh my, what a find, I thought…good on them for snaring that and sympathetically renovating (if not actually faithfully restoring) it, rather than raze it and build some tasteless Tuscanstrosity in its place, as so many have done in City Beach and Floreat.

    Well done guys 🙂

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