Marine Research Facility


Sorry i havent posted much in the last few days, I have been busy, and also ran out of buildings to post.but here is a lot of buildings. I went on a trip to city beach and around there, and there was too much good stuff i had to be way selective, but here are a few best examples. This is the Watermans bay Marine Research Facility done by CCN on 1968, a lovely and one of the best and most extensive uses of off form concrete in WA. Its a really large facilty, and unfortunately it looks as though its empty and its completely unloved. Word on the street is they want to demolish it. SAVE IT! its beautiful. SA beautiful beast of a building.Really love the gargoyles, and strong roof forms.


2 responses to “Marine Research Facility

  1. Way late to this one, but I had a relative that worked here when I was a toddler. I have very vague memories of it, but I recall visiting him there on a wintry day. The interesting building really made an impression on a rainy day looking out over the ocean, and I remember it being part of my imagination for a long time. Great building.

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