Scotch college Mega Post


check the brick patterning^ wild!


This is Scotch college in claremont, and its a rather large post, and it wont be very detailed, as obviously each building really merits its own entry, but time is of the essence punters! short and sweet. um, its a really good school. its got heaps of wikid stciks buildings, its a really nice collection, and timeline of WA architecture. Like a museum almost. Which is good, and also is beneficial to the state, as it provides a ground for cultivating and allowing architecture to flourish. Other school do it differently, which is fine(like christ church who have used one architect predominantly) but this is a good showcase, and a great tour. It features buildings from Forbes and Fitz (2 eras i believe) Flower and Clifton, Taylor Robinson, and others i dont know about. Really good. Starting with the darling QueenAnne federation reception house, which is just the beez kneez. Genius corner turret, strong vertical, highly derocative chimneys, flared out bullnose verandah etc. Then it goes through early 30-40s modernism, 50-60s modernism and excercise in brick patterning and detailing, 70s onwards brutalism and expressionism, and then 80s space frame pomo stuff ,and now TR new sports centre.Just great. Especially the intense amount of bricks, red paint, and my favourite bit is the concrete columns everywhere formed in plastic tubing, so industrial, so beautiful. There is a church there by F&F that i will save for a later post, because that is sock blowingly awesome, and needs a separate post. so enjoy.


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