Claremont Sub Station


This is the Claremont Sub Station, now St John Ambulance Australia building. I found some information on it on the heritage register, but im not sure if its for this one, or the one next door. they are both great, but this one isnt fluro blue and orange at the moment… if it is the right one, then it was built in 1923/24. Anyways whichever it is, its really nice. Its art deco but a more restrained georgian style art deco. Nice stepped facade with those five band vertical elements on each junction. This is essentially the only decoration on the building. I love the way the extending entry canopy has the same stylistic devices, and they line up with the roof line ones at a certain angle. the way it sits on hte street is really good as well, it speaks to the street, kind of awkwardly, yet still engages. its a sort of complication i really like within htis small structure. it doesnt seem quite comfortable or sure of itself, yet, it still asserts a certain grandeur within its own scale.


One response to “Claremont Sub Station

  1. I concure. This is a corker. I love this building. I also love the tyre store next to it, and the police station. All 3 buildings should be on the inventory.

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