p1260498.jpgp1260499.jpgp1260500.jpgp1260501.jpgp1260502.jpgthis is the mayfair falts on carr st in West Perth. They are a really beautiful, well preserved and strong example of Inter War Art deco. Strong horizontal brick banding that stretches around the facades, and down the sides, the vertical entry hall, and brick detailing above the entrance, as well as the nautical railings are exquisite. The icing for me, was the green piloti underneath the 2 first floor balconies. So good. Really reminds me of Rober Mallet Stevens stuff in paris, cant be more specific than that sorry. Just gorgeous. The lettering is also just superb.


One response to “MAYFAIR FLATS

  1. i drive past them on my way home from work, and i love them too. thanks for the photos, i never get to stop and have a good look.

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