This is Beatty park leisure centre and Beatty park pool, in north perth. It was constructed in early 60s, for the 1962 Commonwealth games held in perth in that year. It is one of the most intact and important relics from those landmark games. Along with Pery lakes stadium these were the major sporting facilities constructed. They are both quite similiar, and Absolutely amazing examples of perth late 20th century modernism. Some of the other relics from that era, and beatty park are now demolished which is beyond a crying shame. Notably the BP kiosk by howlett. ill post some old photos of that later, such a shame… Anyways this centre was designed WA McI Green( town planner at the time), Milton Boyce(CoP architect) and LH Steenbohm. This trio was responsible for a lot of structures constructed at the time for the games. Theres not much more i can say for the building, its fairly self explanatory. All the modern hallmarks, and great detailing, just a fabulous stadium. Particularly love: the mosiac work, Staircases and red handrail detail, The blue fixed panels in the curtain wall, the typefaces and signage throughout the whole stadium. Those are just the standouts, there are many many more excellent aspects. One point of note however is the staff who graciously let us in to the complex to photograph it. Thankyou, you are the kindest and most accomodating people i have come across. Most buildings i try to photograph, my camera is either confiscated and all pictures deleted(im looking at you Dianella!), told to leave(king edward memorial!) or when my father tried to take pics of midland traino( hte police told him to stop) and many others. And yet a swimming pool let us! that is beyond nice! i am massively impressed. any readers who go there, say thankyou, or at least respect them, as they are the nicest employees ive encontered!


4 responses to “BEATTY PARK

  1. hey don’t you think you should be thanking your lady friend who has the PR skillzz. and also your homemade jokesrule link is wrong. its the wrong blog. look for just pap pooches.

  2. i got hte link right now… thanks miss shop for her mad crazy pr skillz.

  3. I grew up in Perth in the 1970’s and 80’s. I use to train at Beatty Park with Kevin Duff before the Superdrome was built. Wonderful memories of swimming in that venue. I went on to the study Architecture at UWA and them later graduated at UNSW. I live in Vancouver these days, and looking at old Beatty park pool i must say, they’ve let the stadium fall apart.
    Most disappointing is the tacked on leisure centre which cuts into the concourse at the south end where the Kiosk use to be. The old wide open concourse around the diving pool use to be the stadiums most charming aspect. it was open and spacious. One of the most memorable pools to swim in on a glorious summer day, especially with a meet and the crowds in the stand. The pool had real atmosphere.
    These days it’s looking rather rusty, and dilapidated.
    I can almost smell that all too familiar smell of Tiger Balm which was often used to rub down swimmers before they raced. In the upper concoarse above the stand, that smell would circulate during meets.
    Such a shame they haven’t spent some money maintaining it.

  4. I used to live around the corner on Cleaver Street. I think it was also the place where I used to have my school swimming carnivals. I used to try and be in the toilets when my race was on! 🙂

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