Helenic Community Centre


This is the Helenic Community Centre in northbridge, opposite that park. I know no information, and didnt really spend that long looking at it, nay even venture to look inside it. But it caught my eye, as a very interesting, peculiar, and if i dare say it, australian building. I love the mash of culture, with a sort of uncomfortable mid point between it being a comfortable mesh, and a total rejection. There are arguments for both, but i like that complexity and contradiction that exists within the discourse… Its half late 20th C perth modernism, with those floating aggregate panels, projecting corner volumes, and entry canopy, and fenestration patterning, but then sculptures and grecian frieze motifs along the top and other assorted cultural signifiers thrown on top. Wonderfully eclectic. Who says there is not a diversity and mixin of culture in perth! mmm, diaspora..


One response to “Helenic Community Centre

  1. Is there a way to rent this place out I wonder. Years ago there used to be events held there.

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