Windsor theatre


this be the windsor theatre on stirling hwy, done by W Leighton, in hte same kind of vein as his Cygnet, Astor, Piccadilly etc. Very good art deco theatre, sporting all the trademarks, vertical elements, decoratif friezes or motifs, and aerodynamic expressionist flourishes. My favourite bit about the windsor is , i think mroe so than the others, it draws on the ‘modern’ technology at the time, in this example the steam ship, and thouroughly exploits and explores the forms. THe railings, rounded geometric boxes and particular to this, porthole details are really supreme! i could write more, but its way hot and im tired. Oh, ive thrown in hte rug shop next door, i know nothing of it, im sure it was probably done around the same time, if not part of the same development. its wikid sticks as well! art deco roolz!

oh, and the difference in light on the pics, is exactly the length of atonement. so there. what  great movie!


One response to “Windsor theatre

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    There is a great audio tape in the state library with Leighton talking about how he “accidentally” became the go-to guy for cinema’s – you should listen to it, if you haven’t already

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