Featherby House


This is the Featherby house in Karinyup, designed by Iwan Iwanoff in 1970.  Lovely use of sun shading and vertical banding beautiful massing with a strong entrance and street presence.


4 responses to “Featherby House

  1. Like it has something byzantine about it. Spectacular!

  2. Check out the one at 38 Sycamore Rise in Dianella, its a really wackie Iwanoff house, there is also one on Briald (next road) and Shannon (next road again) and one in Booker (older one) seems like he design heaps of people in Dianella

  3. What about the one on The Boulevade in Floreat! A beauty too. Also opposite the golf Course in Floreat near the corner of The Boulevade an interesting 50’s style with shutter louvres on the windows. And the Glenescer residence in south Cottesloe Marine Parade, truckload in City Beach adn Wembley Downs.

  4. Stephen Neille

    This house was originally raw concrete block, including a unique and ornate concrete block balustrade and ornate jarrah front door, the raw block work, balustrade and door were lost as part of renovation work

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