Kewdale High School


look at the duck egg blue portals…wild!


This is Kewdale High School, Now Islamic College in Kewdale. It is by Tony Brand and Forbes and Fitzhardinge, in 1956-66. This post will be rather large, possibly biggest yet. But this school is jaw droppingly amazing, and so difficult to fathom both in Architectural depth and style, and also in pure volume. It is huge. Brutal, West australian,climate considerate and just amazing. The layers within this complex, even from the half an hour i spent walking around are ridiculous. So much imagery, snapshots, half formed patterns, and developing sequences, seguing into others, its so rich.

Oh and there are some original shots tacked on the end for comparison, from the Victorian state library as before..


One response to “Kewdale High School

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    This is almost identical to Hampton Senior High School, naughty ole Forbes & Fitz!

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