Stewarts and LLoyds


This is the old Stewarts and Lloyds warehouse in north freo by Summerhayes and Assoc., now i think abandoned. But it is available for rent! anyways, just a realy clear and pristine example of high modernism in West Autralia. Floating white box, on pilotis,(  a regular structural grid) with an awsome corner detail to add that floating edge dimension that is really delightful. As with the best of these examples, really strong fenestration control, Varying materials, creating a rythym stretched across the facade. I love the altenating glazed panels, fixed panels and aggregate panels all along the street facade. The also large and dominating blank white west looking wall is really great and confrontingly stark.  Staircase detail again genius, and the entry stairs are soo good, but i didnt photograph them unforch. Just an amazing example of high modernism oft overlooked and slept on. oh! and the use of my fave typeface ofcourse!


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