Blue Waters


this is one of perths most famous residential addresses, and for a good reason, although it is some what peculiar. It is an awesome functionalist/Art deco place, yet unlike the rest of perths(and the worlds) art deco scene which was around in hte 30s, this place was actually constructed in 1956. Fairly late to the game. So it has the benefit of hindsight, and also loses some merit i guess for subscribing ad hoc to a past architectural period. Differently to the rest of Perths original art deco, its straight out of the new miami scene, in that kind of flashy, exceptional style over substance flaunting. THe palm trees out the front, and the name all add and enhance the conjuring of the image. Still really exceptional in its nautical thematical elements, with portholes, rounded geometry, and balconies stretching and curving around the exterior, with ship rails. And the lovely pastel blue. Looking a bit worse for wear unfortunaltely… a true perth legend.


2 responses to “Blue Waters

  1. miami deco. very cool

  2. The wife and I walked past this house the other day, I was blown away. I love the windows at the front rooms of the house, like a ships bridge looking out to sea.

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