Iwanoffs Own House


This is Iwan Iwanoffs own house done in 1966 in Floreat, and its killer. The concrete blocks this time are mixed with concrete parts cast from sewing machine bits, for really wild experimental patterning. Also with the ingenious ventialtion system of having a slit at the base of the floor, with a wooden slat in front, which you can slide out, to let breezes in, from the bottom, to cool the room. really really good. Also i like how its still wildly experimental, but still fits into a more reserved overall package, a rectangular box. Wicked sticks.


3 responses to “Iwanoffs Own House

  1. Iwanoff (well, his architecture at least) in a filmclip.

  2. I was aquainted with the owner of this beauty at one stage and got to look inside, ground floor is mainly taken up by what was iwanoffs studio, laundry and store. upstairs 2large double bedrms back 2 back and a large living room kitchen, this house has a great feel to it, he had a great knack of fitting in so much hidden storage space, love the kitchen in this one. also the same owner i knew lived in number 22 in the same street also an iwanoff,, what an incredible house this is. it was built for the german ambassador then, it has a secret room:verry cool!! and the kitchen is in 2 ajoining rooms, also features a verry cool rock floor flowing from front porch into entry, i could go on n on about this one!!!!

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