Scotch Chapel


This is a blinder. Forbes and Fitz chapel at scotch college, i am not sure about the year, and the actual authorship, but hey, this building is so so good. One of the finer ecclisiastic structures in WA. A mash of spanish mission(white stucco and terracotta roof tiles) exressionist modernism, and almost a scandinavian formal composition. Very interesting, and exceptionally executed. The detailing on this building are phenomenal. Unforch i couldnt take good/close photos as their is a lot of work being undertaken around it, and the builders almost caught me, so i had to peel. The chain drainage system into raised soak well, stained glass strip windows and that structural steel crucifix out the front are just some of the great details in this building. oh! high clerestories for lighting as well.


One response to “Scotch Chapel

  1. This building was built in the late 1960s. LIke many buildings at the time it was classified as a war memorial, and donations to therefore tax deductible. It has a set of doors with full length burnt etchings.

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