Perth Technical School


This is one of the most important buildings in perths architectural history, not neccesarily for the architecture, but for the history contained within. Almost every architect of note during perths golden years went through these doors, especially most featured on this blog would have trained at PTS. THe building itself is described as gothic federation on the heritage site, but it also incorporates a lot of art nouveau detailing and the most wonderous A.N stained glass entry doors. This place has laid dormant for yonks, and i always dreamed of going inside, and lo and behold its open! well they seem to be refurbing it or something, but its open! hurrah! you should see the central staircase! real art nouveau flourishes all over the place. Also the lettering over the front door is just about the best in perth. So rich and delicious! so elegantly transefered into stone! a magnificent place, i look forward to seeing it restored to former glories!


2 responses to “Perth Technical School

  1. I dont think they are refurbing it, I think they are gutting it. I believe it will become a facade for the monster skyscraper being built in the hole behind it…..

  2. it is not being gutted, nor will it become just a facade. it will eventually be conserved and restored in its own right. it is currently being cleared out of old rubbish and stuff like that.

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