Redemptionist Monastery


These are the dormatories, lodgings, houses or something,  on the site of the redemptionist monastery in North Perth, Vincent street. The architects were Bill Kierath and Ken Waldron (thanks Leonie). Fantastic rugged brick work, offset with strong concrete staircases and balconies. The window are set in deep reveals, giving the building solidity.  The split pediment form is great, and allows high clerestories to be inserted for natural light to get into each ‘wing’ of the strucutre. Linked by walkways and glassed in areas, it is a wonderful little complex.


2 responses to “Redemptionist Monastery

  1. Curtin Uni has almost exactly these stairs on several buildings.
    The Worst of Perth. I used to live just behind these on Claverton Street.

  2. The architects for this project were Bill Kierath & Ken Waldron

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