Qantas building


this is a phenomonally good little building, smack bang in the heart of the city, that is( at least to me) one of the most under rated, ignored and slept on archiectural delights around. Its again part of this later period of architecture that operates outside of an accepted discipline, and on the periphery of acknowledged WA architecture. I know i barely noticed it, until i actually sat in central park and studied it for a while. I am unsure of any details, but i could guess, forbes and fitz or CCN from hte early mid 80s. Aggregrate panelling, space frame in abundance and classical column arrangement. Very restrained(if i dare call it) post moderne. Post brutalist. i love the way geometric forms are used so strongly and boldly placed amongst each other. A cylinder bursts forth from a rectangle, a pyramid shoots out and crashes through the cylinder, and a ziggurat style structure growing from hte base, and seeping into the whole structure. its brilliant. Also the very strong ship/streamlined look is wonderful. anywyas, enjoy, and go check it out with new eyes, its srsly wonderful.


2 responses to “Qantas building

  1. Anonymous Perthon

    It’s very well done, and I think it sits next to one of the few successful open spaces in the City centre too

  2. Ive always wanted to climb up the side of it and sit on the roof 😀

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