Astor theatre


this here punters, is the astor theatre in mt lawley by Leighton. A very nice art deco theatre, i dont really need to say much, ive pretty much posted every art deco theatre in this dust bowl, and needless to say this is a great example of high inter war art deco theatre acrchitecture. this example is interesting for its severe lack of curves and streamlined aesthetics as per the other ones. still got the strong verticals off set by striping horizontal work, portholes, great lettering etc. In one of perths art deco hotspots. great


3 responses to “Astor theatre

  1. In Walcott St around coolbinia there is what looks like an old art deco cinema which is now a squash court. I’ve never had a close look at it just noticed it when driving past.

  2. It is an old theatre and the squash courts have just been dropped inside it – an amazing effect and well worth a look. Makes for the most interesting ceiling above any squash court I’ve played on.

  3. Pity about the Astor’s garish paint-job though, inside and out. So NOT Art Deco. Just one colour please! Let the light and shadow of the geometric shape details be the feature, not candy-stripes of pink and blue, ugh.

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