Trinity college pt1


This is trinity college at UWA, the first of 2 posts on it. I am not quite sure why out of everything at UWA this is waht i chose to post first, but whatevs. This part of trinity is by Jeffrey Howlett, not sure what year, and is an excellent example of his later stylistic developments, and experiments in more expresive architecture. The brick texturing is rich and full, and develops a wonderful depth to the complex.  The slipped mansard roofs, that look like they are slippiung, and being pulled to the ground over the buildings, develop a rich complexity and tension in form. A nice contrast between very modern ‘bases’ with strictly controlled rectangular forms, with a roof form that recalls the older parts of the campus, and this contradiction between modern and old forms works brilliantly. Its just a really well thought out, beautifully executed cluster of buildings, in a particularly beautiful setting.


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