Glick House


this is the glick house in leederville by Donaldson and Warn with Jane Wetherall, date unknown. It is one of the most exciting  residential experiments in perth, and questions the suburban model. Built for Artist Rodney Glick, it clearly draws on an industrial aesthetic, transported to the suburbs, and mashed with  a high quality materiality, kinda on a Rem tip. Fits on too a very tight block, and creates a magical structure that is both alien and familiar to the surroundings, acting in a similiar  manner to the Wherehouse. A sort of messed up suburban diaspora. I think it has the best letterox/meter box front gate thingo i have ever seen. And cyclone fencing in housing. drool.


2 responses to “Glick House

  1. nice. i always forget about the glick house. i’ve been trying to convince my partner to let me use hurricane fencing to grow creeper-privacy screens over. AND off-the-shelf mine-site balustrades. bugger. i thought i was being all original and shit. obviously those ideas have just resurfaced from university-days discussions of this house…doesn’t mean i’m not going to do it tho…

  2. Geoff Warn explained to us (one of my previous lecturer) that the idea was to create a box (within a box if i’m not mistaken)
    Also, the staircase on the outside was designed to be the only one in the house. They were thinking of adding an other one inside to have easier access. It was unessary because of the nice weather in perth…

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