Flying angel club


This is the flying angle club in fremantle by Hobbs Winning and Leighton in 1968. Its a beautiful and bold piece of peculiarly West Australian modernism.  I really like this building, as it operates outside the miesian/purist international style most modernism coming out of wa at the time was. There is a whole series of these buildings all over perth from various authors that are peculiar in the fact they seem to be very particular to place. The brick work, rough cut, and the clear floor slab delineated on the outside and the windows that appear as holes in the blockwork, more not there than there. Its strange, and mystifying.  I cant really explain it properly, but its briliant. Mostly maligned these buildings demand more of our attention and analysis. the pics at the bottom are taken from the librarys website, by Fritz Kos.


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