South Fremantle Power Station


This power station, a very beautiful and utilitarian structure is important to the states history, and heritage listed but its gone to ruin. Similiar stuff has happened recently like the albany bell hatchery(see todays west) and Jacksons hotel. Unfortunate, but a tough situation.


16 responses to “South Fremantle Power Station

  1. I believe this is where Fear Factory shot the film clip for their song Cyberwaste a few years back. Certainly is a big hulking building that shouldn’t go to waste.

  2. they should definitely do something with this!

    i was talking to a friend who said that in berlin they’ve changed a lot of similar derelict factory spaces into art/design galleries, museums, and even entertainment spaces. i don’t think that it would be too hard to do this, and it would certainly improve the area.

    personally i think it would have to keep its purpose as that of art, to follow with its current existence as a street art gallery. i think it could really be a hub for perth underground/alternative culture.

    i like to think that this is possible. it’s certainly in the local government’s interests as they clearly want to upgrade the area (look at the new mariner and housing estate!!)

    i wish the government cared.

    on the upside, it’s a damn cool space for street artists at the moment!!

    i have lots of photos at

  3. When and if this building is refurbished I doubt very strongly that it will be of the same importance to the same people. Some brilliant artwork has been made in that building. Some also that is crap but one must always take the good with the bad.
    I do not count myself as one who looks forward to them gutting then place, and making it into something stagnant. I can’t bare to watch people with too much money having their expensive apartments with sea views in the place which gave birth to my appreciation of abandoned spaces.
    I do thank you for adding in the historic photographs. Its nice to be able to see what it looked like when it was in use. I would be very interested in knowing how you found them.

  4. It’ll probably get turned into apartments or something like that it’s happened to the entire area, Just look at port Coogee… Although I really wish it wouldn’t I think this building is amazing, and it could return amazing results.

    If the government isn’t going to put the effort in private enterprises will but are we going to allow the people with fat wallets decide that?

  5. well im from wa an i have grown up seeing this power st an im 26 now an i think it has so much to left in it. you could turn it into a hotel,club, concert hall… maybe a pipe dream but ill keep dreaming then thanks kat x

  6. so much beauty going to waste. someone needs to step up and restore this amazing place to somewhere people can love it and see its awesome structure.

  7. The Brisbane Powerhouse arts and London’s Tate modern (formerly Bankside power station) are good examples of what can be done with old power stations, retaining much of their original character.

  8. anyone know where i can find a floorplan online?

  9. I was there yesterday, taking some pics. Links below if anyone is interested. While I was there a couple of “surveyor” looking types were wandering around the perimetre taking measurements.

    I asked them if they knew what was likely to happen to the site, and they seemed to think it was about to be “developed”.

    South Fremantle Power Station

    South Fremantle Power Station

    South Fremantle Power Station

    South Fremantle Power Station

  10. Interesting pics take by Adrian. I was there taking pics & video 10 years ago. There seems to be more grafiti now, seemed like none 10 years ago. Back then the little salt water lake to it’s west that probably formed part of the cooling system was a flourescent green. It probably glowed in the dark. I wonder what it’s like now!?

  11. The government should allow photographers in. I’ve seen some amazing pics of it already and there is plenty more oppurtunity for even better ones if the government legalise acces to the power station. Should also let artists have exhibitions there. If it was fixed up a bit and met OH&S regulations it would be an awesome setting for exhibitions!

  12. You guys don’t know anything. This building wont be going anytime soon. It’s National Heritage. It already is overrun with vandals and photographers ARE allowed in. -.-

  13. No photographers, contact Verve and they’ll tell you where to go. The only way you’re getting any snaps is by closing your eyes, feeling your way around the barbed wire fence and then ignoring all of the keep out signs. Its an OHS and public liability nightmare for Verve and they won’t even let you in with one of their safety officers, or your own insurance.

  14. It would make a great museum/exhibition/concert/cafes etc space. It’s big enough for such multi use, and even to include some accommodation, maybe just the top floors, to get tourists in. I hate seeing perfectly good buildings going to waste, or worse still, knocked down for some modern gimcrackery!

    Yes, it would make great apartments too, but that does put it out of bounds except for the residents.

  15. I for one would hate to see the place get redeveloped. Its one of the few places in Perth for anyone interested in urbex. Perth has this disgusting habit of rebuilding over places like this leaving most places only available for a few weeks at a time.

  16. This is a building of power and integrity, I’ve always imagined it in creamy pink with bronzed glazing with neat avenues of towering cotton palms to accentuate the late deco perpendicular and full of large dramatic art.
    I contacted good Phil Pendal the late MP back in the mid 80’s who raised questions without notice in Parliament with concerns about this beautiful structure and the Government’s reply was that it wasn’t on any kind of register meaning that with any luck it would just fall down and Landcorp would make a tidy sum. The cost of restoring the building at that time was estimated at 9-12 million.
    Rumour had it that proactive environmentalist and woodchip bomber Johnny Chester lived on the roof with a cow and he certainly rode his horse with a pack of dogs to Dalies Supermarket several times a week and that transformers loaded with PCB’s were dumped in the cooling lagoon to leech into Cockburn Sound.
    The Tate Modern is a great example of powerhouse regeneration, Saltaire and the old fuel bunkering tanks under Mount Melvile in Albany but this powerhouse could be even greater. Is there anything that can be done?

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