so anyways following on from last post, in case your interested in your bloggers life, this is what i spend my 9-5s on. 18 the esplanade. its quite fun so far. Maccormac architects, wiv BatesSmart. I get to do stair details and the like.  Anyways thats all.


4 responses to “ME

  1. mmm….. high density, inner-city living….. I can smell the crack and hear the gunshots already…….

  2. Got some quite decent apartment areas gonig up perth city these days. Esp like those new ones along crawley drive.

    Apartment living can be good for some.

    Un related to apartments. The new coop himmelblau design for the BMW showrooms just outside munich. Spectacular!!

    I wish perth could get something like this for the new art/cultural area of perth. Its gotta be from elsewhere. Seriously perth/Aussie architecture just does’nt have it in the way that is happening elsewhere. Also the new randall stout art center denver USA. So good.

  3. reply to devnall- some people just cant live with others I suppose. Look at all the disputes that people out in the suburbs hav with each other over their back fences.

  4. cont;- As well all the environmental damage done to pristine bushland areas, as well the complete lack of socialisation that happens to folks out in suburbia as well the complete lack of commercial/cultural/entertainment venues and all the isolation.

    Resulting in hoons and vandals with spray cans trying to get in touch with some soul and a little cultural relevance or edge.

    Australian cities even when they have populations above the two million mark still suffer from small town syndrome compared to the great european or world metropolis’.

    Its insular and dull and boring.

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