Boans. A department store around from before i was born. I never got to experience any of its delightfulness. And what a pity it seems. From my research, Boans had some killer stores. This is from the skyscraper city forum, courtesy of Rob. I know nothing about it except it is in morley, and burnt down in the 80s. This is astounding design, why does documentation of this not exist? it is phenomonal! anyone got ANY information, or pictures, please let me know!


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  1. Anonymous Perthon

    That building was just as beautiful on the inside, It had a great staircase with a floating landing, man it was sweet. I almost cried when it burnt down and it still pisses me off that its gone.

  2. Isnt that an image of Perth Airport from the early 60s

  3. The former palace hotel thats since been converted into the bank. Bankwest or R&I. One of them. Absolute shame.

    On the corner of st georges tce and milligan?

    Stupid stupid act of barbarous philistinism.

  4. Boans had a fantastic, quirky dept store in the Perth CBD where Forrest Chase and Myer now stands. It had beautiful facades on Murray and Wellington Sts, a food hall where we’d buy donuts, a fourth floor cafeteria, electrical store and hardware annexe….even a pharmacy! It sold everything. The place was huge. It had beautiful marble staircases and pressed metal ceilings and pillars. I remember reading the demolition crew had trouble demolishing it because the construction was so well executed.

    Absolute crime it was approved for demolition but 1980s Perth was all about giving developers what they wanted. How cool would it have been today if it were retained and renovated into modern day use? I was there on closing day, 1986. I was at high school at time and remember people wept about its demise.

    Myer bought out Boans and pulled it down to develop Forrest Chase. For two more years until 1988, the Boans name survived. Myer already had their own city store at the corner of Murray and William Sts (the new train station is there now!), and a decisison was made to rebadge that store Boans. The new Forrest Chase store was also to retain the Boans name. However, by the time Forrest Chase was built in 1989, they decided instead to use the Myer name on their WA stores.

    The end of a Perth institution that in its heydey had a major city store and 11 branches in Perth Metro and country areas.

  5. The store was burnt down one Saturday afternoon not long after closing. I can still the smoke rising above the adjacent house where I lived woundering where the fire was. My wife operatedthe hair dressing salon not long after the store was completed. It was a sad day

  6. margaret mctavish

    I actually worked in Boans Morley for about 3years and was transferred to the Perth head office the year before it burnt down. It was a great building and out front they even had a fenced playground for children to use while parents shopped.
    My first job in 1974 was in the Perth Boans, now that was a building of beauty. Would love to know where to find some photos of it.
    That store had everything alright. When I was about six took a doll to the doll repair section in the toy section in the basement!
    It had a pharmacy, shoe repair, hot fresh made doughnuts and nuts umm.
    I remember the old lift they had that was still in operation even though new lifts were installed. They had a lift man operating it.

  7. Some great pics of all of the Boans stores (& lots more) in the State Library website online pictorial collection . Check out the dome in the Waverley store (Carousel) – really spiffy!

  8. I have lived and worked in and around morley on and off pretty much all my life.Iremember boans morley well it had a rocket slide in the play ground and the building had real caracter.It was such a shame it burnt down i remember that day well too.I was driving down walter road and saw the smoke so i watched it burn.It was very sad.The area has changed so much now.Probably for the better.But its still my morley.At least we still have the rollerdrome.

  9. Anyone wishing to view photo’s may do so for free at

    The privacy has been set to ‘everyone’
    Loved the comments,and yes it did look a bit like Perth airport Mr Sparkle,yes amusing a lift operator for 2 levels.Great times!

    All the best


  10. I bought a 106yr old printing business 6 yrs ago which we have just relocated. In a box that we opened was a large amount of Boans printed material including a mail order catalogue in pristine condition, invitations to many events held at boans etc. really amazing history.

    • Would really like to see these pics online or in person.
      If you are keen to share pls let me know



    • Christine Stoner

      Would you by any chance have found a copy of the cookbook? I would love the Christmas pudding recipe from it!


    • I am searching for an extra large oil painting used as window display for rundell? Randell? Studios a few meters down from where BOAN’s dept. Store was. It was of my grandmother & was offered to her in 1974, but she could not afford it. It’s a long-shot, but it would be amazing if I could even get ahold of the studio name & research further. Any information would b amazing!!

  11. Would really like to see these pics online or in person Rob.
    If you are keen to share pls let me know 9275 3634



  12. Check out the link
    I bought this book a couple of months back and love it.

  13. Oh, it’s really a pity that those Boans buildings don’t exist anymore. We used to go shopping at Morley (then called Morley Park) every saturday. That was in the 60ies. I remember the doll repair section very well, too. You could get everything at Boans, even continental food. Saturday was always a great day when we bought the rye bread my family had longed for all week (among lots of other things). And wasn’t there a drive-in cinema close by?
    But most of all I regret the demolishing of the Boans building in town. That was such a beautiful piece of architecture. I liked the atmosphere in Perth at the end of the 50ies when I arrived there as a small child. But a lot of those old nice places seem to have been replaced by skyscrapers and constructions without ambience. (When I think of Crawley Bath having been pulled down, I could cry out loud!)

  14. Allyson Mockford

    My Grandmother lived in wheeler street,across the road from Boans Morley,As a child i remember it very well,with Action supermarket and Archie Martins out the front on the left as you walked into Boans,Iremember the beautiful old lift,that went up to the fabric section,and also the ladies lingerie fitting section,as my gran allways seemed to be in there,Oh the memories are all in my mind, even if Boans is’nt there anymore,A real pity.

  15. Hi Hannah
    The drive-in was called the Wirrina. Does anyone remember the water park in the front of Boans Morley. I remember playing there in the 50’s, 60’s.

  16. Does anyone remember the Christmas display on 1st or 2nd floor
    Would love to find some photos of this
    can anyone help please


  17. Memories. I shopped regularly at Boans. Saw it burn down too. Sad to see another WA store disappear, along with Aherns in Perth.

  18. I grew up in Hamilton hill and my mum used to take us kids to boans Perth once or twice a year way back in the 60s. I remember mum used to leave us kids at the inside playground while she shopped. I’ll never forget being in awe of all all the lights and rides and little games and prizes we all got . I remember a huge slide and snacks I’m sure they gave us. Those were the good old days that I’ll never forget . Does anyone else remember that huge inside playground and all the fun we kids used to have.

  19. My Father was store manager of Boans Perth, Carousel, Morley, Innaloo and Booragoon.Its was indeed a department store of style and a shopping experience that has never been equalled. “Lost Perth” is a great publication if you like this time.

  20. My mum had all my Barbies on lay by there and she took me to watch it burn to the ground… She took photos but I don’t know where they are, she must have thrown them away… I remember crying and screaming “mummy the Barbies are burning!!!” And she said “no they’re fine, they all got in their Barbie cars and drove away…” I remember it very clearly

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