Cottesloe House 2

Another house in Cottesloe I have no idea as to the architect, year of construction etc, but I can say that this house is wonderful. A great mix of high modern details, like strip windows, flat roof and bold, asutere facades, paired with a West Australian dryness. The use of cream bricks and other almost mundane suburban elements combine for a really strinking and simple house. Bold geometry and great subtle brick patterning.


3 responses to “Cottesloe House 2

  1. Mosman park house just near think its on cnr helsin lane and palmerston sts., renovation very angular mix into old federation. Quite good and little innovative.

  2. this was built around 1996; architect was simon rodrigues (then of odden rodrigues architects). the house next door on the south was designed and built at the same time for different clients but with common materials palette and detailing.

  3. Its alright I suppose, if you like Soviet era mausoleums.

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