Large Animal Facility

The Large Animal Facilty at UWA was done by Donaldson and Warn in 1999, and is a great addition to a remarkable campus. This building is for housing of large animals(!) and to provide support and a base for research, development, training and testing. The building on a whole fits into the UWA context perfectly with the cream brick and tile roof, along with raw concrete flourishes, yet creates a highly individual and interesting building. The almost fascist cues in style and uncomprimising use of materials in large slabs, creates a very powerful and dominant structure to occupy the space within the campus. The strong vertical blocks that stretch across the 2 long facades are both dominant features and also house the main services to supply the building, and they allow ease of access for replacement/repair/inspection etc. But for me the most interesting(and frankly baffling) aspect of this building is the infiltration of Venturian imagery. A concept explored several times before in Australia with varying success, this building fits into a very high intellectual train of thought, mostly dealing with the Australian condition.  See comparison shot above! All in all, a finely executed building with lovely detailing and strong elements that blends into its surrounds perfectly.


2 responses to “Large Animal Facility

  1. Odd how since was only there 2am last night. Very odd.

  2. Was’nt that interested in its architecturality [if there is such a word]. Was more interested in how i could climb over those vicious gates for a later than midnight swim without getting impaled.

    And whether or not the security guards would end up charging me with trespasse.

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