Poll House

This is the Poll House by Gary Marinko in Nedlands, completed in late 2002. It is one of Perth’s finest examples of contempory residential architecture, and is easily the most well known and widely published example of such. A house that while distinctly West Australian in approach and aesthetics, is perfectly at home in international design compilations. The house is especially notable for me, in the reinterpretation of the classic suburban house model, and the complexity that arises from the juxtapostion of elements. The house blends into its surroundings, borrows subtle imagery from them and reinterprets them to create a wondeful, yet slightly askew, new building. The hipped roof with bullnosed verandah, typical of working cottages and the low rectangular box underneath is taken and warped, the bullnose stretched, fattened and windows squashed and pushed to the periphery, or dissapeared all together. Also the use of industrial suburban elements, like tilt up concrete walls, gutter-less rounded roof bullnose and fencing taken from pools, schools and industrial estates are taken and inserted into a new setting, and made beautiful. Just a superb, intelligent example of contempory Perth residential architecture


2 responses to “Poll House

  1. And its got some sculpture on its outside. WOW! unusual for perth modernists. Only other house I’ve seen by those that are of similar ilk [love of sculptural form] is house in cottesloe. John st., next door to very trendy cafe just up from cott pub. Has Keizo Ushio sculpture in front yard. Looks fuckin great.

    Cott could really use some work by such a sculptor instead of the bland roundish sculpture they’ve used to enhance the coastal strip of late. Typical perth arts patronage [nepotism]. Always choose blandness over creative power.
    This city sometimes.

  2. This is currently for sale and I’ve seen open houses advertised so you can get a sneaky peek.

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